About the gallery

At NACIS 2015, we’ll be assembling a gallery of the very best maps and other displays that the cartographic world has to offer, and we want you to be a part of it. Dabblers and professionals alike are encouraged to submit their work for display in our Map Gallery at Minneapolis. We encourage you to show off your best recent cartographic projects, from experimental techniques to finished products. Each year we learn a lot from the amazing work of our colleagues, and in 2015 we’ll be looking to continue that trend. Registration is required; see below.

Students are also encouraged to show their work off at NACIS. They should register for the Student Map and Poster Competition, which is part of the Map Gallery.


All entries must be submitted by September 11th, 2015 midnight CST.


  • To allow space for all participants, please ensure your display has a maximum width of 48″. Maximum height should be 36″.
  • If your display exceeds the maximum dimensions, contact posters@nacis.org to request an exemption. For especially large items, we may require that you provide your own display setup.
  • Attendance at the conference is not required, but is strongly encouraged. You are responsible for ensuring your display is at the meeting on time, is properly set up, and is taken down at the conclusion of the meeting.
  • Please contact Martha Bostwick posters@nacis.org with any questions.