Map Gallery 2016!

We received great feedback in support of the dual print and digital gallery we hosted in Minneapolis last year. Thank you to all of the cartographers out there who hung your work in our Gallery and made it the phenomenal success it was!

Once again, at NACIS 2016 in Colorado Springs we will be assembling a gallery of the very best maps and other cartographic displays that our organization has to offer, and we want you to be a part of it. Dabblers and professionals alike are encouraged to submit their work for display in our Map Gallery.

In addition to the stellar print maps that we regularly showcase in our gallery each year, we will once again be using a ‘Bring Your Own Device strategy’ for digital works. If you would like to showcase a digital work, we encourage you to create a small poster that includes a QR code. Your posters will be hung in the gallery along with the print maps, and will be flagged to indicate a digital work to ensure the conference attendees are aware that they have a digital component to them. We will also be publicizing the digital display section in the preliminary program so that people come to the gallery with a QR code reader installed on their devices.

Registration of all works, print or digital, is required.

Students are also encouraged to show their work off at NACIS. They should register their print maps for the Student Map and Poster Competition, or their digital dynamic maps for the Student Dynamic Map Competition.

Registration and Deadline

Registration for the 2016 Map Gallery closed on May 31st, 2016.


Print Maps:

  • To allow space for all participants, please ensure your display has a maximum width of 48″. Maximum height should be 36″.
  • If your display exceeds the maximum dimensions, contact to request an exemption. For especially large items, we may require that you provide your own display setup.

Digital Maps:

  • Posters should be 17″ x 11″. A downloadable sample template is available from the registration page.
  • QR codes can be generated for free from the following website:

General Rules:

  • There is no digital upload required for your gallery entry (print or digital). You are responsible for printing your map or poster.
  • Attendance at the conference is not required, but is strongly encouraged. You are responsible for ensuring your display is at the meeting on time, is properly set up, and is taken down at the conclusion of the meeting.
  • Please contact Martha Bostwick with any questions.