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NACIS 2009
Annual Meeting
Sacramento, CA, October 7-10
News and Announcements

Opening session speaker Michal Migurski, Stamen Design

Our speaker at the opening session Wednesday night, Oct 7, will be Michal Migurski, of Stamen Design in San Francisco. Michal is Partner and Director of Technology Stamen, and maintains an active blog about mapping and design. His talk is entitled "Read / Write Mapping."

After the Meeting - Field Trip Options for Saturday, October 10th

Option 1: Wine Tasting Field Trip
Everyone recognizes the renowned Napa-Sonoma Region with big wineries and crowds to match. However, closer to NACIS 2009 is one of the last great undiscovered wine regions, Amador. "Lovable" Amador, in the heart of California's Gold Country is where we plan to "strike it rich" on a tasting tour of wineries in the Shenandoah Valley. By chartered bus, our day trip will include at least three wineries with a tasting flight at each. Lunch will be provided at one, dessert at yet another, and we will try to squeeze in a tour to learn more about the local process and passion for wine-making.

So join your map buds and your taste buds for a wine-tasting tour in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada! Once there, we plan to discover vines older than prohibition, to meet some wine-makers and fellow wine-drinkers, and to learn about the terroir.

Zinzerely Yourz,
Neil Allen

Option 2: Railroad Museum Field Trip
The completion of the transcontinental railroad in 1869 was the greatest high-tech achievement of its time--a game-changer for all of North America. To commemorate the 140th anniversary of this event, the California State Railroad Museum presents 'Lincoln, the Union and the Golden State,' an exhibit about President Lincoln's influence over the development of American railroads and transportation. The California State Railroad Museum is one of the world's best collections of historical and significant railroad equipment. The Museum Library houses historical railroad maps from the 1850s and some of these interesting cartographic artifacts will be brought out especially for viewing by NACIS members.

The Museum and Library are in the Old Sacramento State Historic District and are within a short walk of the NACIS conference hotel. Organized and casual tours of these collections will be available to NACIS conference participants.

Gordon Kennedy

Option 3: Lake Tahoe Field Trip
Join Humboldt State Geography Professor Stephen Cunha on a Saturday loop field excursion to beautiful Lake Tahoe! By chartered bus, our journey will traverse the golden foothills above Sacramento, pass through mid-elevation forests, and climb to the high Sierra at Echo and Donner summits. See original transcontinental railroad tunnels, the Donner Party Memorial, the Truckee River, and, of course, travel along Lake Tahoe itself with a stop at picturesque Emerald Bay. Other options in the works include a stroll along the beach at South Lake Tahoe, or a ride on the Heavenly Valley Tram as it climbs 2000 feet above the lake for spectacular views of the Tahoe Basin. Return to Sacramento via the American River Canyon to complete this memorable day.

Start planning now to join your NACIS friends on one of these fantastic post-conference adventures! Further details coming soon....

Mary Beth Cunha



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