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 Number 19, Fall 1994Number 19, Fall 1994 (35.9MB)
  • Designing Animated Maps for a Multimedia Encyclopedia, David DiBiase
  • Proactive Graphics for Exploratory Visualization of Biogeographical Data, Barbara P. Buttenfield and Christopher R. Weber
  • The Armchair Traveler Plugs In: Multimedia Cartography as a Visual Supplement to Travel Writing, Shannon Des Roches
  • Using High-Resolution Digital Scans in Multimedia Cartographc Applications, David W. Tilton
  • Creating Interactive Media on CD-ROM, Sona Karentz Andrews

Number 18, Spring 1994Number 18, Spring 1994 (25.7MB)
  • Thematic Mapping With Illustration Software: Unraveling the Mystery of Graphic File Formats, Brian Morber and Janet E. Mersey
  • Culture of the Wisconsin Official State Highway Map, Mark H. Bockenhauer
  • Flattening the Earth: Two Thousand Years of Map Projections, Reviewed by Mark P. Kumler
  • Things Maps Don't Tell Us: An Adventure Into Map Interpretation, Reviewed by James E. Young

Number 17, Winter 1994Number 17, Winter 1994 (28.5MB)
  • How Practical Are Minimum-Error Map Projections, John P. Snyder
  • Reexamining the Role of Maps in Geographic Education: Images, Analysis and Evaluation, James E. Young
  • Geocart Software, Reviewed by David W. Tilton
  • Cartography: Thematic Map Design, Reviewed by Cynthia A. Brewer
  • The Cadastral Map in the Service of the State, Reviewed by Margaret Pearce
  • Atlas Japan, Reviewed by Robert J. Werner

Number 16, Fall 1993Number 16, Fall 1993 (19.9MB)
  • Relating Cognitive Development to Cartographic Education with a Model of Orientation Space, Henry W. Castner
  • The Development of Children's Spatial Knowledge: Implications for Geographic Education, Jodie M. Plumert
  • Mapping It Out, Reviewed by Pat Gilmartin
  • Map Use and Analysis, Reviewed by Ute Dymon

Number 15, Spring 1993Number 15, Spring 1993  (24.6MB) 

  • A Cartographic Quincentenary, Arthur H. Robinson
  • Desktop Map Design: Some Odysseys of Form and Flow, Kevin Byrne
  • Atlas of Florida, Reviewed by Ruth Anderson Rowles
  • Monarchs, Ministers and Maps: The Emergence of Cartography as a Tool of Government in Early Modern Europe, Reviewed by Matthew H. Edney
  • All in the Mind, Roger Rosenblatt

Number 14, Winter 1993Number 14, Winter 1993  (20.6MB)
  • The Impact of the Implementation of the North American Datum of 1983 (NAD 83) on Aeronautical Navigation in the United States, Ronald M. Bolton
  • Maritime Boundaries on National Ocean Service Charts, Charles E. Harrington
  • Pictorial Maps, Reviewed by Charles P. Rader
  • The New State of the World Atlas, 4th Edition, Reviewed by Ellen R. White
  • ATLAS*PRO and ATLAS*GIS, Reviewed by Robert Werner
  • Malcolm Swanston and The State of the World Atlas: Putting Derby on the Map, Andrew J. Skinner

Number 13, Fall 1992Number 13, Fall 1992  (21.4MB)
  • Cartographic Animation: Potential and Research Issues, Doris Karl
  • Visualizing Uncertain Information, Alan M. MacEachren
  • Geological Maps, Reviewed by Norman Meek
  • Geographical Information Systems: Principles and Applications, Reviewed by E. Lynn Usery

  Number 12, Spring 1992Number 12, Spring 1992  (22.0MB) 
  • Theory Into Practice: A Tribute to Brian Harley, Jeremy Crampton
  • Creating Unclassed Choropleth Maps with PostScript, Michael P. Peterson
  • Interactive Color: A Guide for Color in Computer Graphics, Reviewed by Cynthia A. Brewer
  • Michelin's Central Washington DC Street Map, Reviewed by Sally S. Summerall
  • Our Secret Little War, Reviewed by Michael Russell Rip
  • Mapping Land Degradation Factors in Mexico, Maria C. Garcia and Graciela Perez

Number 11, Fall 1991Number 11, Fall 1991 (19.3MB)
  • Letter to the Editor, Gail Papa
  • A Content Analysis and Comparison of Three Cartographic Journals: 1964-1989, Patricia Gilmartin
  • An Atlas of Population Patterns in Metropolitan Los Angeles and Orange Counties, Reviewed by Michael Hyslop
  • Defining What We Do, Reviewed by Christopher Board

  Number 10, Summer 1991Number 10, Summer 1991  (7.5MB)
  • Ethics and Map Design: Six Strategies for Confronting the Traditional One-Map Solution, Mark Monmonier
  • Can There Be a Cartographic Ethics?, J. B. Harley
  • Two Mapping Software Packages for Macintosh Computers, Reviewed by Gene Turner
  • A New HyperCard Stack for Digital Cartography, Jeremy Crampton
  • Envisioning Information, Reviewed by Mark C. Detweiler

Number 9, Spring 1991Number 9, Spring 1991  (26.6MB)
  • Computer-Aided Mapping for Facilities Management and Environmental Compliance, Diane C. Drigot, Margaret E. Elliott and Karen L. Glyn
  • The Ideas of Nu Cartoman, Michael P. Peterson
  • Manipulating MapMaker Maps in FreeHand 3.0, David DiBiase
  • Hats, Reviewed by Jeffrey C. Patton
  • Network Resources for Map People, Jeremy Crampton
  • The Availability of International Topographic Maps, Russell E. Guy
  • Geographic Information Systems: The Microcomputer and Modern Cartography, Reviewed by John B. Krygier

Number 8, Winter 1990-1991Number 8, Winter 1990-1991  (7.8MB)
  • Letter to the Editor, Michael A. Domartz
  • Anatomy of the Introductory Cartography Course, James F. Fryman and Bonnie R. Sines
  • Sample Cartography Lab Statement, William G. Loy
  • The World According to Micros, Reviewed by Will Fontanez
  • CRT Display Visibility in Automobiles, Reviewed by Matthew McGranaghan
  • Mapping the Nation's Physiography by Computer, Richard J. Pike and Gail P. Thelin
  • Map Use and Analysis, Reviewed by Joseph Stoll
  • An Elusive Reference: The 1:1 Map Story, Jeremy Crampton



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Past covers of Cartographic Perspectives have been graced by the "carto-art"of Matt Knutzen.  Matt is the Assistant Chief of the Map Division at the New York Public Library (NYPL).  Matt holds an MFA from Pratt, and a geography degree from Berkeley.  In his work, Matt combines the best of both worlds: Art + Cartography.  His art playfully and creatively takes the map as artifact and transforms it into pieces that catch the mind's eye.  Matt presented his work at the NYPL in a talk titled: Outside the boundary: A presentation of map artworks by Matthew A. Knutzen.


CP Commemorative Issue - Celebrating 25 Years of NACIS


The Cartographic Perspectives Commemorative Issue celebrates the 25th anniversary of NACIS. In this special issue four past editors of CP reflect on their tenure as editor and their favorite articles - a insightful history of Cartographic Perspectives. The cover features the past 51 cover designs and a map to the last 25 NACIS meeting locations. We have a limited number of these issues left for purchase ($15 US/$20 international). If you are interested please contact Jim Anderson by e-mail. Checks made payable to NACIS can be mailed to:


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