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 Number 7, Fall 1990Number 7, Fall 1990 (8.7MB) 
  • Ethical Problems in Cartography -- A Roundtable Commentary, Patrick McHaffie, Michael Dobson, Sona Karentz Andrews and Two anonymous employees of a federal mapping agency
  • Introduction to Macintosh Graphics File Formats, David DiBiase
  • On-Demand Map Publication, Reviewed by Terry A. Slocum
  • Historical Atlas of Canada, Volume III: Addressing the Twentieth Century, 1891-1961, Reviewed by William G. Loy
  • Carto-Graphies, Reviewed by Peter Gould

 Number 6, Summer 1990Number 6, Summer 1990-1991 (8.1MB) 
  • Maps in Children's Literature, Jeffrey C. Patton and Nancy B. Ryckman
  • Imagesetting in Desktop Mapping, Mark Mattson
  • Mapping the Mesozoic and Cenozoic at the University of Chicago, Reviewed by Edward J. Hall
  • Making Maps, Reviewed by Ellen White
  • Big Map Idea, Reviewed by David DiBiase

 Number 5, Spring 1990Number 5, Spring 1990 (9.5MB) 
  • Choosing Tools: Nine Metaphors of Four-Dimensional Cartography, Philip J. Gersmehl
  • Software Review, Robert P. Sechrist and Anne Gibson
  • Academic Cartography Labs in the U.S. and Canada: A Survey, Roy Doyon and Anne Gibson
  • University Staff Cartographers and Cartographic Laboratories, Ellen R. White
  • Map Data Processing in Geographic Information Systems, Reviewed by Laurence W. Carstensen, Jr
  • World Geo-Graphic Atlas. Landmarks of Book Design: First of a Series, Reviewed by Richard E. Lindenberg
  • Will Your Library be the Spatial Data Information Center of the Future?, Gary W. North
  • Public Access Computer-Assisted Mapping and the Instructional Program. Steve Hiller and Jenny Marie Johnson

 Number 4, Winter 1989-1990Number 4, Winter 1989-1990 (8.9MB) 
  • Color Chart Use in Map Design, Cynthia A. Brewer
  • Systat, Reviewed by Mark Leitzell and Alan MacEachren
  • The Placement of Points in Freehand Paths, David DiBiase and Kevin Kolb
  • Misaligned Maps Lead to Predictable Errors, Reviewed by Pat Gilmartin
  • Cartographies, Reviewed by Jeremy Crampton
  • Chemical Cartography: Finding the Keys to the Kinetic Labyrinth, Reviewed by Alan MacEachren
  • Maps: From Quill to Computer, Reviewed by Cherie Semans
  • Les Villes "Europeennes" & La France dans L'Espace Europeen, Reviewed by Peter Gould

 Number 3, Fall 1989Number 3, Fall 1989 (6.8MB) 
  • Desktop Mapping at Temple University, Mark Mattson
  • Cartography at the University of Toronto, G. J. Matthews
  • Making Maps with Computers, Reviewed by Marsha L. Steiner
  • Managing with Electronic Maps, Reviewed by Don E. Kiel
  • CAD for Cave Mapping: A Cautious Assessment, John Ganter
  • Maps, Mode of Text Presentation, and Children's Prose Learning, Reviewed by Jeffrey C. Patton
  • Orienteering for Deer, Reviewed by Kevin M. Kolb
  • "Inmates of Body Houses": Prostitution in Moscow, Idaho, 1885-1910,  Reviewed by Karl Proehl
  • Injecting the Geo-Carto-Graphic into Public Thinking, Peter Gould

 Number 2, Summer 1989Number 2, Summer 1989  (7.7MB) 
  • The Librarian's Dilemma: A Map Librarian's Access to Machine-Readable Information, Patrick McGlamery
  • PC-Globe+ and Electromap, Reviewed by Sona K. Andrews and Chris Baruth
  • The Best of Both Worlds, Iden Rosenthal
  • Notes Toward a Theory of Mapping Behavior, Reviewed by Jeffrey C. Patton
  • What Does it Take to Read a Map? Reviewed by Jeremy Crampton
  • Teaching United States History with the Great American History Machine, Reviewed by Karl Proehl
  • Travels in West Africa, Excerpted by Pat Gilmartin
  • Aeronautical Charts; Portraits of the Earth, Reviewed by Claudette Dellon

 Number 1, Spring 1989Number 1, Spring 1989 (31.2MB) 
  • Automated Radar Video Map Production at NOS, Ronald M. Bolton and Russell A. Hoover


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CP67 - Winter 2010
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CP67. Winter 2010

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Cover Art for CP


CP 54


Past covers of Cartographic Perspectives have been graced by the "carto-art"of Matt Knutzen.  Matt is the Assistant Chief of the Map Division at the New York Public Library (NYPL).  Matt holds an MFA from Pratt, and a geography degree from Berkeley.  In his work, Matt combines the best of both worlds: Art + Cartography.  His art playfully and creatively takes the map as artifact and transforms it into pieces that catch the mind's eye.  Matt presented his work at the NYPL in a talk titled: Outside the boundary: A presentation of map artworks by Matthew A. Knutzen.


CP Commemorative Issue - Celebrating 25 Years of NACIS


The Cartographic Perspectives Commemorative Issue celebrates the 25th anniversary of NACIS. In this special issue four past editors of CP reflect on their tenure as editor and their favorite articles - a insightful history of Cartographic Perspectives. The cover features the past 51 cover designs and a map to the last 25 NACIS meeting locations. We have a limited number of these issues left for purchase ($15 US/$20 international). If you are interested please contact Jim Anderson by e-mail. Checks made payable to NACIS can be mailed to:


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