NACIS 2017 Annual Meeting - Montréal

NACIS 2017 Student Map and Poster Competition Registration

We encourage all students to submit their maps and map-related technical and research posters. Two prizes of $500 USD each will be awarded for the best map/poster in each category: Cartographic Design and Research Quality. Winners are chosen by ballot of all conference attendees. There is no need to indicate which category you are entering your map in, all entries are open to either category.

There is no digital upload of your poster. You are expected to print and bring your poster to the conference in Colorado Springs, or arrange to have it delivered to the conference.

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Primary Author

Please provide an email address so we may contact you with any questions regarding your application.

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If you win an award at the competition, but aren't present in Montréal, this is where we will mail your prize.

(in the 2016-2017 academic year, when you completed the work)

List any other authors of the work, along with their college or university. You must be the primary author of your entry.


The title of your work, as it should appear in the conference program.

The width of your display. The maximum width is 48". Anything wider requires a special exemption. Contact for more information.

The height of your display. The maximum height is 36". Anything taller requires a special exemption. Contact for more information.

Provide the class you completed the map for, and the name and contact information for the instructor.

Describe any special requirements necessary to display your work. Any special display requirements will be subject to the approval of the competition coordinator.

Please provide a description of your map/project. If your work wins an award at the conference, this description will be used on the NACIS website.