Hello all,

Before we sign off, we wanted to send one last note to all of you, to thank you for your hard work this week and celebrate all we've accomplished together. It's been a great MapLift!


  • Throughout the week, MapLifters found 132 new maps in need of fixing and registered them in the FixWikiMaps database.
  • We all came together to create an incredible 72 maps in just one week. That's a huge effort—imagine if someone had asked you to make 70+ maps on your own in just a week. Now articles on everything from US history to African geography have new and improved maps to help guide readers.
  • Folks gathered together to create 6 in-person MapLift events, including 4 hosted by Maptime chapters.

What now?

MapLift may be over, but the FixWikiMaps Project continues. So if you want to keep making maps (or finish ones that you didn't get a chance to complete), please do! If you need help, direct your questions to FixWikiMaps at [email protected] or check out the "Contact" section on the FixWikiMaps site. We'll be taking [email protected] off the air for now: mission accomplished.

Next month, Brian will be presenting at NACIS, an annual gathering of map geeks enthusiasts, about how much we all accomplished and how fun MapLift was. If you want to hang out with the kind of people who make Wikipedia maps for fun, consider joining us in Minneapolis this October!


As we've mentioned, we gathered a small selection of prizes for participants. We held a random draw to select winners:

  • Stickers for everyone: everyone who completed a map wins a FixWikiMaps sticker! Put it on your computer and explain to your confused friends why you spent a week fixing maps for Wikipedia (because it was fun!). We'll send them to the address you signed up with; if you didn't fill an address out, or need to make a change, write to [email protected]. These should go out in the next couple of weeks.
  • An Axis Maps typographic map of Chicago: John Nelson
  • A copy of Map: Exploring the World: Rudy Omri
  • A one-of-a-kind roll of map wrapping paper: Laura Daly


It's been great gathering together with all of you from around the world to contribute our time, skills, and energy to help other people better understand the world through the maps we've made. Thank you for all that you've done; we hope to keep running into you around the cartographic community!

-Daniel Huffman (NACIS) & Brian Davidson (FixWikiMaps), MapLift Organizers