Student map and poster competition

Acadian Deportation in 1755

By Kevin Chen, Nova Scotia Community College.

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A thematic map tells a story of the 1755 Acadian Deportation.

There are two objectives for making this map. Firstly, it will assist in creating a preliminary understanding for people who are unaware of the history of the Acadian deportation from Nova Scotia during the 18th century. Secondly, for people who are already aware of this history, it may provide the information in a more vivid form, including, for example, the population patterns of Acadian resettlements along the Atlantic coast of North America.

The design goal is to create a vintage-style map. It is embedded with a cartouche, an 18th-century coastline pattern, and hand-drawn terrains. Graphics such as a deportation order, images, and spreadsheets, are also added to give additional information to map readers.