Each year, NACIS encourages students and professionals alike to show off their hard work and display their map and map-related pieces to the membership at the annual conference. We offer a number of ways of recognizing the accomplishments of our brilliant cartographers, as listed in the awards below.

Student Dynamic Map Competition

NACIS recognizes the importance of dynamic mapping in cartography, and each year we encourage excellence in student dynamic and interactive maps by sponsoring the Student Dynamic Map Competition. Enter your innovative maps for a change to wind the $500 award!

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Student Map and Poster Competition

Students who’d like to display their works at NACIS should register for the annual Student Map and Poster Competition. We encourage all students to submit their maps and technical/research posters for a chance at a prize of $500!
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Corlis Benefideo Award

Recognizing imaginative cartography that takes us into the world of the possible.

This award is to recognize a body of work and the perspective it brings to the field of cartography, and the contributions it makes to the world as a whole.
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Map Gallery

Show off your latest cartographic creations each year at our Annual Meeting! We host a gallery to showcase the best of what our members have created throughout the year, from experimental techniques to finished products.
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