NACIS membership

The North American Cartographic Information Society (NACIS) invites you to join an organization of specialists in the field of geographic information. Founded in 1980, NACIS has grown into a vibrant society with membership throughout North America and the world. NACIS welcomes new members from traditional as well as emerging professions that define geographic information science today. If you haven’t heard, NACIS is NICEST!

What are the benefits of being a NACIS member?

As a member of NACIS you get a discount on our annual conference registration, a discount on the Atlas of Design, the ability to participate in our Mentor Program, and the opportunity to network with a wide range of professionals and students in the cartographic community.

How does my membership support the NACIS community?

Your membership supports research in the field through the Society’s open journal, Cartographic Perspectives. Your membership dues also help students and professionals attend the annual meeting through NACIS travel grants and helps us recognize outstanding work in the field through the Society’s various awards.

What makes a NACIS membership valuable?

NACIS conducts a yearly membership survey to get more insights into our community. In terms of what makes a membership with NACIS so valuable, our members are especially excited about attending and presenting at the annual conference, and networking with other professionals.

Who makes up the NACIS membership community?

The NACIS membership community is made up of a wide range of students and professionals. Spanning academia, private sector, and government, NACIS members hold some of the most interesting and important cartographic positions in North America and beyond.

Membership options

We use a rolling subscription method, where your membership is valid for one full year from the date of enrollment.

  • General membership is an individual one-person membership.
  • Student membership is for any student currently enrolled (full or part time) in a diploma- or degree-granting program.