NACIS Travel Grants


NACIS has travel grant initiatives that invest in the future growth and strength of the organization. These initiatives (1) encourage student attendance and participation at the annual fall meeting and (2) support the attendance of general NACIS members to attend the annual meeting who could not otherwise attend due to financial limitations.

Travel grant awardees are expected to attend the entire conference. While NACIS strives to support all members needing assistance, applicants who are actively participating in the meeting (e.g., with a presentation, participation in a panel, are bringing a poster, or are presenting at Practical Cartography Day) will receive the strongest consideration for travel grants.

Additionally, in accordance with NACIS’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, at least 20% of all budgeted travel grant awards will be prioritized for individuals from minority or underrepresented groups.

At NACIS 2021, we will be awarding travel grants to assist those who may need help attending the conference, whether it’s in person or virtually.

There is no application deadline, but grants will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis starting June 30, 2021, and will continue as long as we have funding. As they are first-come, first-served, earlier applications do have a better change of receiving funding.


*Students are required to submit a letter from a faculty member confirming they are enrolled in a relevant program. Please have this letter ready when you complete the application, as it is a required field.

Travel Grant Application