Director at Large Responsibilities

This document explains the logistics and responsibilities for those who serve as a NACIS Director at Large.

Term limits. Directors at Large serve a two-year term that begins at the Annual Business meeting at the October conference. Three Directors at Large and one student Director at Large rotate on and off the Board each year. 

Qualifications for service. The bylaws state that the minimum requirement for running for the Board is that an individual is a dues-paying member. However, the strongest candidates have had some engagement with the NACIS community, either through volunteerism, by giving presentations, conducting workshops, or attending meetings of the NACIS organization. 

Meetings. Directors at Large are expected to attend our annual conference during their tenure on the Board (including PCD and the main conference). They are expected to attend the two Board meetings during that conference. It is typical for one Board meeting to be the Tuesday night before PCD, and the other one to be on Friday from 12-2pm.  They are expected to attend the “Spring” Board meeting (SBM), which occurs sometime in February or early March. This meeting has typically been in Milwaukee, but the location of that meeting could change in the future. NACIS will provide a stipend to cover travel expenses; in recent years it has been $300 for non-student Directors at Large and $400 for student Directors at Large. Depending on the yearly budget, NACIS may pay for lodging as well.  The Board will hold remote meetings throughout the year. Typically these meetings are in December, July, and sometimes in September, in advance of our annual conference. Directors at Large are encouraged to attend these but they are often during the middle of the workday, so it’s understandable if one cannot make it. We also try to accommodate the schedules of people in many time zones around the world, and understand that not everyone can attend. Directors at Large may need to meet remotely with their respective Committees to which they belong, depending on that Committee’s responsibilities. 

Responsibilities. The time commitment can vary from person to person depending on the level of motivation and enthusiasm, assigned responsibilities, and available volunteer time. The student Directors at Large have the same responsibilities as the non-student Directors at Large. 

  • A Director at Large chairs or serves on one or more Committees or Subcommittees that help progress our organization. This includes but may not be limited to Committees/Subcommittees for a) Communication and Social Outreach; b) Membership and Analytics; c) Finance; d) Diversity and Inclusion; e) Nominations; f) Awards; g) Publications; h) Annual Meeting. 
  • The Directors at Large are encouraged to be the moderator and point of contact for the presenters in at least one main conference session. 

Not all Directors at Large will be assigned concrete tasks, so the organization relies on and encourages Directors at Large to bring forward their own ideas and projects that will further the NACIS mission and initiatives.