About the Forum

Join us and talk about maps at CartoTalk, the premier forum for maps! Since its founding in 2004 the forum has evolved into an active, supportive, friendly, growing, worldwide community of cartographers and map-enthusiasts. The forum’s 13,000 members have made over 44,000 posts covering all aspects of cartography.

Nick Springer started the CartoTalk forum on April 15, 2004 after searching around for a central discussion point for cartographic topics. In late 2009, CartoTalk began making a transition to ownership and management by NACIS, in order to allow Nick to take on other projects.

Forum features


Includes a Map Gallery, where you can post your map designs and get feedback from other cartographers. There are also areas reserved for topics related to cartography; the visual design of maps; running a cartography business; GIS and Geographic Data; the creation and design of charts, graphs, and diagrams; as well as topics and discussions about other aspects of design, which may or may not directly relate to map design.


Ask for advice and post tutorials about anything related to cartography, using specific software tools/applications,  producing interactive digital maps, or making maps for print media.


Include sections for Business Opportunities (freelancers, partnerships, or promotional statements), Jobs (employment listings for any field related to cartography, GIS, and design), and Job Seekers and Resumes (you can post your resume here if you are looking for cartography or GIS related work. )


Cartography and design related news and info,  links to cartography and map sites, etc.