NACIS Organizational Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

NACIS is an intellectually and creatively diverse and pluralistic community of mapmakers, designers, storytellers, educators, researchers, librarians, artists, journalists and other map enthusiasts. We believe that the society and our members benefit greatly from the diversity of thoughts and experiences our individual members bring.

NACIS values the constructive exchange of ideas and perspectives. We embrace the strength afforded by this diversity of viewpoints. We strongly believe that intellectual, creative, and experiential diversity is central to advancing the cartographic field. We acknowledge that maps can be a tool of power and therefore are committed to promoting the responsible use of maps. We recognize the importance of maps and our responsibility as mapmakers as we confront critical challenges of our time. We recognize that any map, being made by humans, is inherently biased, and its contents reflect the worldview of the mapmaker. Our success in confronting these challenges depends on listening to one another, respecting each other’s viewpoints and opening spaces for everyone to have a say at the table We love good maps, and we want to inform and deepen that love by welcoming maps and mapmaking that grow our understanding of the craft at the center of our field.

NACIS strives to create an open community that brings together map enthusiasts and creators regardless of their profession, affiliation, racial and ethnic association, place of origin, nationality, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, beliefs, disability, or socioeconomic background. We recognize that there is much to be done to make the society and the cartographic field more inviting and inclusive for everyone. Therefore, we commit to broadening opportunities and inclusivity for underrepresented and historically marginalized groups within the society. Additionally, we commit to nurturing and promoting diversity and inclusion throughout the cartographic field, both in terms of who becomes a cartographer in our present map-creating and map-understanding institutions, and in broadening our understanding of what maps and map-making can and should be.

NACIS does not tolerate harassment, discrimination, or mistreatment of anyone, whether explicit or implied. We strongly reject all forms of racism, sexism, ageism, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, queerphobia, religious intolerance, ableism and any actions that infringe on the dignity of our members. We expect all members and participants to abide by the NACIS Code of Conduct. We are committed to promptly enforcing the Code of Conduct to ensure that NACIS offers an environment in which our members feel safe in their identity.