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NACIS 2015 Wrap-Up

Date posted: October 28, 2015

NACIS 2015 has come and gone, and over 350(!) of you have had a chance to make new carto-friends and renew old friendships in Minneapolis, MN.

Blessed with an embarrassment of space in the wonderful Renaissance Depot Hotel (a repurposed old railway station), we took the opportunity to put together a blockbuster Map Gallery, including a special Tangible Maps Exhibit, curated by Matt Dooley, Jake Coolidge, and Caroline Rose. Hear more about it, and see Jessie Conaway’s cool floor map, in the podcast of Matt’s interview on MPR. As a part ofInternational Map Year, we also included the 2015 entries from the Barbara Petchenik Childrens’ Map competition from the US and Canada, and we opened the map gallery to the general public for the first time.

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Catch up on Talks you Missed

For those of you who were unable to attend the conference, or who couldn’t clone yourself to be at multiple talks at once, many slides, including the Pecha Kucha banquet presentations, are linked in the session descriptions in the online program. If your slides are not yet there and you want them to be accessible, send a pdf or a link to [email protected] and we will get them posted. Check out the conference twitter feed, too, to see comments, reactions, and pictures from the conference. There are even some pictures from the gunpowder mapping workshop—we hope all of those participants successfully navigated the TSA on their trip home, and hope to see some of the products of that workshop at NACIS 2016!

If you have photos from the conference, we’d love for you to add them to the NACIS Flickr pool!

Twin Cities local Kitty Hurley put together this fantastic document summarizing much of what she saw at the meeting, so if slide decks aren’t linked, check out her notes. And, if you don’t like navigating the online program to find slides, you can also find links compiled in a spreadsheet by Jeremy Goldsmith here.

You can find links to the digital maps in the Map Gallery and to entries in the Student Dynamic Mapping Competition (individual, group) online too.

Don’t Lose Touch!

NACIS 2016 Annual Meeting - Colorado Springs

NACIS 2016 Annual Meeting – Colorado Springs

NACIS 2016 will be held in Colorado Springs October 19th–22nd, so start thinking about what you can bring to the meeting! But you don’t have to wait for the 2016 conference to get your dose of NACIS. Keep the conversations going at Cartotalk, on Twitter by following @NACIS, following NACIS news on Facebook, or participating in activities like FixWikiMaps, which recently held a MapLift in conjunction with NACIS.