NACIS 2022 Student Dynamic Mapping Competition Registration

We encourage all students to submit their dynamic maps for a chance at a prize of $500 USD! There are two categories, Individual and Group. For more information, and complete contest rules, visit

2022 NACIS SDMC Registration

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  • What school are you enrolled at?
  • What type of program were you enrolled in when you created this map.
  • What class was this map created for? Please include the name and email of your instructor.
  • Your mailing address will only be used in the event you are a competition winner. If you are not in person at the conference, we will need an address to mail your award.
  • Please enter any additional authors, along with their affiliations. Additional authors include anyone who has made significant contributions to the work. You do not need to include the name of an instructor who has advised you on the completion of your work.
  • Please tell us about your map.
  • Please upload your PDF informational poster here. *11" x 17" *least 300dpi *with a 2" x 2" QR code in one corner linking to the dynamic map.
    Accepted file types: pdf.
  • Please upload your video tour in MP4 format.
    Accepted file types: mp4.
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