About the competition

NACIS recognizes the importance of digital and dynamic mapping in cartography. At NACIS 2024, we are sponsoring the 25th Annual Student Dynamic Map Competition to promote excellence and innovation in interactive cartography.

There are two competition categories: individual projects and group projects.

The winners will be announced during the 2024 NACIS annual meeting.

Have a print map instead? The NACIS Student Map and Poster Competition is for you!

Registration and deadline

The deadline to submit is August 31, 2024 midnight (00:00) Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). To register, please fill out the form here.


Cash prizes of $500 will be awarded to both the best individual and best group entry. At the discretion of the competition organizer, additional noteworthy maps may receive an honorable mention award. All first place and honorable mention maps will receive award certificates. Meeting attendees will vote on the entrants, and the winner will be selected by a tally of ballots.

At least one high quality map must be received for each category to warrant awarding both prizes. If no high quality maps are received in one or both categories, judges can decide not to award a prize for the category.

Judging criteria

Maps will be judged and ranked based on the following criteria:

  1. CONCEPT AND ORIGINALITY: This criterion considers how innovative the map is, either in subject, graphics, or interactivity.
  2. CARTOGRAPHIC DESIGN: This criterion considers artistic merit, cartographic presentation, clarity of communication, and the quality of graphic composition.
  3. INTERFACE DESIGN: This criterion assesses the design and functionality of the interface, and how well it works for the intended audience.
  4. RELIABILITY/COMPATIBILITY: This criterion considers the reliability and compatibility of the map for its intended platform (e.g., mobile device).

Eligibility & rules

  • Entrants must have been enrolled in a certificate program, undergraduate, or graduate/post-graduate program during the 2023–2024 academic year.
  • Entries must have been created during the 2023—2024 academic year.
  • The competition is open to students from any country.
  • Entrants must not have previously won first prize in either of the categories of the Dynamic Mapping Competition.
  • Students may enter as many times as they wish, but may only win one prize.
  • Entries must be submitted no later than August 31, 2024 midnight EDT.
  • URLs pointing to all contest entries must be active for one year after the annual meeting.
  • Entries must have interactive or dynamic functionality to be considered.
  • Students may re-enter a map from a previous year’s competition provided the map has been improved in a significant way.
  • The cartographic work in these maps must be the original work of the entrant. Use of third party or commercial technology is permitted, but must be appropriately cited. The data, if not produced by the entrant, must also be appropriately cited.
  • The maps must be compatible with standard internet browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Safari).
  • Maps will be evaluated for eligibility upon submission.

Additional requirements

Students must also provide the following with their submissions:
  1. A video tour of their map, 2-3 minutes in length, in MP4 format. This tour is meant to guide the viewer through the thematic content and technical functionality of their dynamic map.
  2. A PDF informational poster to represent their dynamic map at the in-person gallery.
    • Gallery image should be 11″ wide x 17″ tall
    • Minimum 300 dpi
    • Include a 2″ x 2″ QR code in one corner linking to the dynamic map

Please contact [email protected] with any questions.