Student map and poster competition

Student Map and Poster Winners

Students who’d like to display their works at NACIS should register for the Student Map and Poster Competition. We encourage all students to submit their maps and technical/research posters for a chance at a prize of $500!


Shipwrecks of Nova Scotia

Design category
by Peter Atwood

Centre of Geographic Sciences, Nova Scotia

Slivers of an Ancient Forest

Research category
by Jake Steinberg

University of Wisconsin-Madison


Australia’s Meteorite Impacts

Design category (winner)
by Jo Hannah Asetre

Macquarie University, Sydney

Acadian Deportation in 1755

Design category (honorable mention)
by Kevin Chen

Nova Scotia Community College

19 Years of Forest Loss in the Northern Mountains of Oaxaca

Research category
by Adriana Uscanga

University of Oregon



Design category
by Austin Novak

University of Wisconsin - Madison

Hypoxia: Low Oxygen Events of the Pacific Northwest Coast

Research category
by Michala Garrison

University of Oregon


Alberta Land

Design category
by Alex McPhee

University of Alberta

An Orbit Map of the Solar System

Research category
by Eleanor Lutz

University of Washington


Alabama: Its Landforms and Natural Features

Design category
by Alexander Fries

University of Alabama

Hobet Mine Mountaintop Removal, WV, 1976-2010

Research category (tie)
by Brian Murphy

Humboldt State University

Cycling Safety: Melbourne CBD & Northern Access Routes

Research category (tie)
by Jai Ryan



Every New York City Rooftop for Which You can see the Statue of Liberty and Vice Versa

Research category
by Jia Zhang, MIT

Sierra Nevada Snow Cover, 2017

Design category
by Nathaniel Douglass

Humboldt State University


Restoring Fish Habitat in the Sandy River Basin

Research category
by Christina Shintani

University of Oregon

Tibet and the Himalaya

Design category
by Patrick Wood

Humboldt State University


Bay Area, CA

by Evan Applegate

University of Wisconsin–Madison


The Cincinnati Bike Map

by Nate Wessel

University of Cincinnati


Sawtooth Wilderness

by Aaron Taveras

University of Kansas


Humboldt Bay, California

by Aaron Taveras


Mapping of Insecure at Last: A Political Memoir

by Alicia Iverson


Reported Balloon Bomb Incidents

by Michael Bricknell